So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

This is a tough post for me to write… it is not something easy for me, but I’ll get right to it.

I'm a .NET Ninja!

I’m a .NET Ninja!

Friday, November 14th is the last day I will be working for Telerik as a Developer Advocate.  I’ve been working for Telerik for almost two years and have enjoyed every bit of it.  I have traveled around the United States and even to Bulgaria representing Telerik and their ASP.NET controls.  It’s a job that I have truly enjoyed, and its a bit sad for me to leave my friends and colleagues at Telerik.

Now for the even bigger news:  On Monday, November 17th I start work for my new employer.  This is a job that I never dreamed I could land.  I’m hard on myself: pushing myself to be a better developer, a better public speaker, a better leader for my team.  I was completely flattered and honored when I received my first Microsoft MVP award.  Recognition from the ASP.NET team whose products I had been using for many years was humbling to me.  It is in that same spirit that I can now share that I am joining Microsoft as a Program Manager on the NuGet team. Continue reading

ASP.NET Tag Helpers – Making HTML More Cool!

I’ve been at the AngleBrackets conference this week giving several talks and hanging out with the ASP.NET team members at the event.  We’ve had several great conversations about the new ASP.NET Tag Helpers functionality in the just announced ASP.NET 5 release.  That version is just in beta at this point, but we’re already contributing and getting great feedback on the direction for the framework. Continue reading

ASP.NET Tag Helpers – The Basics

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about how I got started writing my first ASP.NET Tag Helper that delivered a Kendo UI DatePicker widget.  I realize that I rambled through the features of the tag helper, and in this article I want to cover in detail each of the features currently available in ASP.NET vNext Tag Helpers. Continue reading

ASP.NET MVC Tag Helpers – Web Controls 2.0?

games-32546_640I have already heard a bit of feedback about my previous post about ASP.NET Tag Helpers. I want to make sure that I address several of your questions about this new feature in MVC 6, and I’m going to start with this backhanded question from a number of my friends:

“Isn’t this just Web Controls v2.0?”

<sigh> Continue reading

Get Started with ASP.NET MVC TagHelpers

Tag HelperWe are almost to the BETA cycle of ASP.NET vNext, and I’ve been following the ASP.NET team’s development on GitHub.  If you didn’t know already, the all-star developers at Microsoft are cranking away on the next version of ASP.NET in a completely open-source model.One of the cool new features set to be released with the next version is a significant addition to the HTML Helper model that we currently have in MVC 5, and its called TagHelpers. Continue reading